Stretch Marks

The pain was enough reason to give up on plans for long awaited dreams. It was much easier to give up than to persist, persevere or pursue the desires that had been so appealing. The discomfort felt intense with every effort to carry on required activities. The pain was reported to be evidence of stretching.

Growing involves stretching, and the marks may be visible or invisible, perceived in various ways. Pursuit like growth, requires mental, emotional and physical energy. Even when the body is not actively pursuing, the toll of the mental investment tells on the body in different ways. The body keeps the score.

Why persevere when it is so much easier to give in and relax? Why did the pursuit start in the first place? Was it a desire for better things? A dream for a better world and happier life? Losing sight of the goal, disconnects the fuel source, for the journey to realizing the dreams. Rest is needed, to refuel and stay energized. Keep the goal in sight while refueling.

What is your dream? Why did you embark on this journey (career/relationship/ business? Is the goal clearly defined?

It may be time to write or rewrite your dreams. Clarity helps propel towards the mark. You wouldn’t know where to throw the ball if the goal post was not visible, and giving up would therefore be easier. “Write the vision make it plain upon the tables that he may run that readeth”~ Habakkuk 2:2

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