Stronger Together

The Corona pandemic battle has highlighted the need for everyone to pull together. Some key workers have had to confront the virus directly, providing critical care for those severely infected. Some of these heroes of health have unfortunately lost their own lives, in the battle to save others. May their families draw some comfort in the knowledge of their lives being purposeful.

It was good to note the appreciation shown to “front line workers”. I however couldn’t help but be thankful for so many people behind the scenes, without whom the celebrated could not do what was required of them. These include teams who ensure hospitals are kept clean, deliveries are promptly supplied and many working unseen through the nights, to make sure food supplies and toiletries, water, electricity and other essentials are uninteruptibly available, as best as possible. A loss or breach in the provision of any of these supplies and services, would make it impossible for major services to run effectively, if at all possible.

Everyone counts! Every positive role matters!

#staysafe #strongertogether

A phone call to a friend may help to allay anxiety. Reaching out to others could encourage them with hope and break the hold if depression. We can all contribute in various ways to war against the virus and its threats. A divided army will fall but stronger together in fighting the enemy. Well done to everyone in various roles: parnts, carers, workers and multi-rolers!

We are stronger together, so please let’s keep pulling together as best as possible in every way!

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