Substance or Spin

Some people are born with charm that easily draws others to them and whatever they seem to offer is easily embraced, coated with their spell binding allure. Smooth operators, they have sometimes been called, when spin perceived like nectar to bees! Nothing wrong in the spin if there is substance within. 

Buyers have not uncommonly regretted purchasing ideas or things they have no need for, looking back to realize they were drawn in by the spin and not an objective assessment of the substance therein. A common issue in religious circles: masses entrapped in poverty and stress, dying fast in the spinning that prevents thinking! 

Spin or substance?                                   Think when you are dating                       Spin or substance?                                      That job may not have the substance you so deeply desire?                                                Spin or substance?                                   Think twice before you say “I do”           And even when you find yourself entangled by the spin, “shine your eye!” as my people will say                                    Let the beam light the path to the way out Disentagle yourself from the grips of the spin, should you find there is no substance therein             

A  life fulfilled is filled with substance, not the vanity of superficiality! 

So, some have the spin without the substance, some have substance but no spin, yet still are those with substance and spin, beware of the spin without the substance and you can avoid an Arab spring! 

Please always check for substance         Beware of the spin! 

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