Success has been defined as the meeting of preparation and opportunity.

Life gives what we demand of it. Of course, time and chance happens to all in varying degrees, and adversity comes without invitation. Opportunities however abound and there are processes in place to attain great heights. Attempting to attain a goal without following due processes, is a futile exercise. A football player will not exercise tennis strategies to be a top player. There may be some mutual skills, like discipline, but each game as it’s own unique rules to be a skilled player. The training path of a cardiac surgeon is different from that of a General Practitioner. To excel in a field it’s best to play by the rules!

Young teenage boys dreaming of expensive cars when they grow up and not putting in any effort in education or a vocation , are by default expecting to drink orange juice by dreaming of an orange without doing anything. Demand needs to be placed on life like pressure on the orange to get the juice out! Wanting juice without squeezing is wanting life to give what they are not willing to pay the price for! If by chance they get what they want without the due process, the ability to keep it is bound to be lacking and they lose the gift. Guess who gets more juice from life’s oranges? The lookers, average performers or those who give their best?


Fulfilment in life requires preparation for desired attainments. Desiring the goal of a certain income bracket, requires finding out what it takes to earn such income. It could be new skills, new qualifications, new association or relocation.


Disappointment sets in when a desire is not fulfilled, or a goal not attained. It is difficult for life to position us for a role we are ill fitted for. Everything may be in place and just one attribute results in difficulty in appointing one for the desired life role. Preparation in every way as best as possible is therefore vital in avoiding disappointment in life. Don’t give into cutting corners, it will later come to bite as what is sown will be reaped!


Having done one’s best it may appear frustrating not to have a goal met. No one can do more than their best so do your best and leave the rest, making the most of the current situation till opportunity comes knocking again and finding you prepared Success happens!

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