The ABC of Success

Success in the pursuit of any goal, is effective progress. Success is a journey for which discipline is required to prevent regressing and enhance progress.

In mastering a skill, there are 3 easy steps involved till one becomes a Don! 

1. Admit there’s a need for change. The first step is acknowledging the need for the aspiration. It’s simple as 123 and ABC! Acknowledge the need/accept a change is needed. This is the first step. Any successful venture is initiated with an initial step. This initial step is the phase that helps overcome inertia- the resistance to progress or ease of remaining in a comfort in a familiar zone

2.  Bitesize Building. Momentum needs be gathered, gradually increasing progress to get to a smoothly running phase. The next step may be daunting so best taken in Bitesizes. Biting more than one can chew increases the risk of choking! A bite at a time, chewing well and enjoying the process is more enjoyable, healthier and likely to build stronger muscles for subsequent activities.3. Continuing Cultivates Culture. Success is a culture fuelled by healthy habits. Healthy habits are acquired by perseverance, also known as practice. Perseverance is required on the journey to any goal. Discipline is developed by keeping at the same act.                           Keep the process going.      

   Let go of whatever makes you stop!      

Every next phase of the journey requires another first step. Each step draws nearer to the final goal if one does not relent. There may be challenges and unanticipated hitches, continuing strengthens the muscles for the process. Keeping on against all odds, staying focused whatever the storm, helps stay in control to get safely to the goal! 

Keep on keeping on!! 

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