The Answer

It is a common experience to find something you’ve earnestly looked for  when you stop. Answers to worrying issues often come easier to mind when one stops dwelling on it. Solutions to stressors are known to come to mind in the shower, like Isaac Newton’s eureka moment in the bath tub, just for stopping and the inner power prevailing.

The answer is always there, like radio waves and electricity. We only tap in when we tune in. Daily activities and the busyness of life, legitimate though they may seem, are distractions from tuning in to that which is needed for meaningful living. 

When the going gets tough or you sense in your every day life that yhinking is getting clouded and the mind feels under pressure, please stop. Stop as you would to turn on a switch, stop as you would to tune in to the right station. Make the small effort to stop for the answer. It’s the chill pill that strengthens you to carry on better – stop and tune in to the answer within🙏🏾

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