Help was needed to avoid planet earth decaying fast. Infusions of Life (IOL) was recommended to bring in light and liven the dead. Spirit beings were therefore dispatched in large numbers every second, to different locations, different settings, for various causes at different stages.

Each being was uniquely packaged with a variety of gifts, like seeds. Some could teach exceptionally, others with skills and combinations of different abilities. Each being coded with a DNA, specifying a uniqueness like no other. The assignment was clear: Infusions of Life to planet earth at all times, in individually unique ways.

For survival on earth they were clothed in earthen vessels called humus, moulded in various shapes, sizes and forms. The vessels subject to wear and tear, released the beings when worn out. The assignment would gradually be expressed through caring for the vessels and interactions with other beings. Challenges came along that strengthed the spirits. The challenges were divinely designed for strengthening, in fulfilling individual tasks.

No two experiences were the same. Each being had a story from its unique journey. Like an ambassador, the work was progressing daily, infusions of life in activities, as the journey progressed, including baby smiles, random acts of kindness and organisations for community development.

Some of the beings got distracted, focusing on earthly pleasures and forgetting the divine mandate of sustaining Infusions Of Life. Getting back on course is however not difficult. A request for help from the Master, is all that’s needed.

All it takes is to ask the Creator for help to reconnect with Him. Acknowledge and place your trust in Jesus Christ, the only one that rose from the dead, the living proof of life beyond the grave.

His death paid the price for our justification for death, due to the sin inherent in our humanity. All power was given Him by the Father of spirits. So say to Him, as you would a marriage vow, “Lord Jesus Christ I believe you died for mankind and me, and God raised you from the dead. Thank you for your promise of eternal life, please be Lord of my life.” He’ll give you life and strengthen you to stay on task, as you begin to lean on Him.

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