The Best Place To Shop

Finally, the children could be back at school, the outstanding fees now fully paid.

The young mother expressed deep gratitude, surprised at the collection of funds she had received. Hope was saturated with reality. The funds covered the debts and plenty more was left to feed and house the family.

It was exciting that with the package received a job offer had also been included which she joyfully accepted – she would be well paid as a full time carer for her youngest child with severe additional needs. 

Feelings of helplessness, worthlessness and hopelessness, had been the ingredients in the recipe of despondency, causing the deterioration of the mental health in the members of the fragile family unit.

Hope had replaced despair

Life infused where death had threatened

Light caused darkness to flee.

Facilitating the process, was very rewarding for me. My heart was filled with priceless joy, and gratitude to God for the opportunity to serve in this role. I prayed for the chance to do this over and over and over again, and for abundance of resources to grease the process and help millions the same way!

Where do you buy joy to infuse in lives? Where can I shop for life to pour in many lives? If you know a one stop shop where hope, love, joy, faith are sold, please let me know – it’s the best place to shop.

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