The Biggest Trade

Minutes drip into hours. Decisions are made on best trades to make. Regrets distress minds, on past opportunities missed. Many lament about missing the bitcoin boat, a decade ago and how a small investment then, could have transformed their lives.

Today Matters

Regret like expired food, often does the heart no good! What we have while we breathe is the present. What we make of it, moment by moment can add a rainbow on a rainy day, with recollections that will brighten hearts on future dark days.

The cummulation of the moments in a lifetime, may be traded for whatever one desires. We may have missed some good trades, but what’s left of life capital is best invested in priceless shares: acts of kindness, beautiful moments and setting the mood beautifully as best one can, in spite of challenges on life’s paths.

What are you trading your life for? Who is in the driving seat of your life? What would be best to trade one’s life for?

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