The Bitter Pill

The “bitter pill” refers to that which is beneficial but hard to ingest. This may be truth that needs be heard or distasteful medicine to treat an illness. The bitter pill may often need be swallowed for a healthier state. 

My face distorts as I recall being persuaded to swallow home made herbal drinks that tasted disgusting! The dark look of the drink with bits and tree barks in it made it even less appealing! 

The global challenge in availability and accessibility to orthodox healthcare has apparently resulted in the increased awareness of Homeopathic therapies. Herbal remedies are increasingly being promoted by multi-level marketing companies, medical doctors with research claims. Well packaged and tasty, most are appealing but may not be the real thing the body needs. 

Truth may be seen this way. Not necessarily appealing but is the needful. Rebuke from a friend may not taste so nice, but may deliver one from an unhealthy relationship or investment. Parental suggestions may not be trendy, like Swedish bitters, yet help ensure emotional and physical health. 

The bitter pill may be hard to take but worth swallowing if best for health! 

Right choices may not be trendy, healthy choices may not be tasty, that which is best may fail the test of popularity yet best for health! 

Wealth is Health! 

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