The Driving Seat

I could not stop thinking of my boss’ parting words, as he expressed appreciation, “life is a journey”. Indeed it had been for me and no doubt him. I had found myself in this intriguing role working with young people for a short term, it was time to move on. He had been through much trauma and starting his phased return back to work. The taxi was waiting downstairs. We hoped we would meet again…

The journey of life takes us through different seasons. Navigation changes and “recalculating” sometimes needed for a change of route, when we hit roadblocks or warned of trouble ahead. Life seasons however may not always be possible to predict. The vision of this year likely not described by most as 2020!

Focusing on negative factors beyond one’s control can be energy sapping and emotionally draining, yet nay be easier than steering the mind to focus on positives towards a solution or support as best as possible.

Every breath is a reminder of having life, a gift. Each owner to steer their gift as desired or allow another personĀ  to steer this gift. Sometimes it’s really hard to steer or see the way ahead. Help may then be needed for those better able in that phase of the journey. Getting the right help, at the right time, from healthy sources, will aid the journey in spite of hazards.

Focusing on controllables will empower in driving through storms. Allowing anxiety, fear or any of their relatives to fill the driving seat puts safety, sanity and sound thinking at risk. Please acknowledge the uncontrollables to determine what’s needed, then focus on means for strength and safety to fuel the mind with light. Remember, energy is known to flow where focus goes, so choose your focus.

What is your focus this season?

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