The Driving Seat

It’s your car, a birthday gift. You are to drive it as often as you choose, wherever you will. At times, there is a need for another to be at that wheel, to help the car perform better or the owner to get required rest.

Life has a purpose.

You may find a helper, at times of need, steering your gift not as you will or heading a different way than you desire.  The gift being misused, may be termed abnormal use or better shortened to the word “abuse“.

It’s function is unique for every one, no two people are exactly same. The gift wears out with every breath and if it’s spent not as designed, would have been used, for anything but its purpose.

Like good car care, it’s always worth checking the gift is used as should.   Fear and doubt are known to have been allowed in taking over a driver‘s seat, aborting dreams and purposeful living. Taking care of the precious gift of life, is taking charge of how it is spent. A daily check may be to ask, “who is in the driver’s seat of my life?” Then also ask “Who should be there?

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