The Fear of Fear

As the time drew nearer my heart beat faster. I considered calling to cancel the appointment. It had been a long wait and fear was now getting the better of me. It was so much easier to let go of this long awaited opportunity and remain in my comfort zone.

The comfort zone wasn’t what I desired, but it didn’t pose the threat of the unknown. I recalled the saying of the treasure desired, being in the cave I feared to enter. Hmmm…was there a reason to be scared? I was scared it would not go well, scared I would not meet expectations for the role, scared that I would remember what I should have said after the appointment was over. The unfamiliar seemed terrifyingly scary!

Without fear though, would I put the right checks in place? Did this unfamiliar zone hold possibilities of better things? There was no way to know if there could be more from life as I desired, without taking the chance of leaving the familiar, letting go of the known for the unknown, no matter how scary it felt. Somehow, fear seemed to have benefits to make one prepare appropriately but it felt too far from comfortable.

A deep breath gave some strength to brace my mind. Empowered by freedom, I embraced fear in a dance, slowly towards the cave I feared. Opening the door I was relieved to see my dreams being realized and awareness dawned I had been unduely fearful of my worst imaginations. I had used my mind to my own detriment till the turning point when I stopped being fearful of fear.

What fears hold you back from being you? What thoughts keep you stuck in your comfort zone? What would you like to find in an unknown zone?

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