Mind The Gap

Situations I often dread include having a medical emergency on a train or plane. Well, that which I feared did happen!

It was rush hour on a hot summer weekday, when the jam packed train stopped in a tunnel between two stations. It emerged a passenger had passed out and help was needed immediately. Long story cut short, the basic needful done, I confirmed with the ambulance crew that they would be waiting on the platform on our arrival at the next station. I agreed to wait with the patient and complete the handover.

I was mightily relieved my unplanned shift was fast coming to an end, the sight of the ambulance team on the platform giving fresh relief! Help was offered to support my elderly patient from getting off the train. He was now conscious, coherent but frail, and tired from the drama and unknown preceding events of his day!

Supported on both sides by hefty, healthy looking men, there was no doubt they were more than able to get him safely off the train onto the platform!

Alas! Strength was not all that was required, the obvious gap between the train and the platform was not heeded, and the frail patient began descending into the gaping unminded gap!!

Disaster seemingly imminent, roused alarming sounds and a rapid response. The man was quickly saved to everyone’s relief, by other supporters. A glaring unminded gap could have resulted in a fatal accident for the frail old man, had the extra supporters not acted quick.

A quick handover to the waiting crew and with gratitude to God for an “uneventful shift”, I continued on my journey with great relief. Can’t remember if that was meant to be my stop or not? Phew!

I have since wondered how often on life’s journey, glaring unminded gaps have caused much harm or even death..

Mind the gap!

A lot of hard work may well have been put in, yet precious investments may be lost in a moment, when overt gaps are not minded. Frequently the gaps are glaring and if disregarded costs much more!

There are glaring gaps on life’s paths, that disregarded, cause much harm. The small prints on bank letters, teachers’ warnings on school reports oft disregarded may cost us much, and if just minded saves a lot!

Gaps may be tiredness, or body aches, signifying a defect in a healthy course. Attention paid to warning signs saves much pain in many ways. Please do the needful and heed the alert. It always helps to mind the gap!

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