The Hose

It jerked back and forth, twisted side to side 
It needed to be still, for the water to flow right
It curled up some more, the direction was lost
It’s contents of no benefit to the needy plants.

The plants kept dying, the garden looked parched
though there was a hose, with water supply. 
And each time the gardener attempted to work 
this hose came alive doing its own thing, frustrating his work.

The hose appeared determined to sabotage the purpose it was designed for,
prancing everywhere, except where it ought
redirecting the water where it ought not go!

Asked by the tap to which it was attached 
“Why dear hose do you fret much so?” 
It replied, “I am trying to help, so cannot be still,
 for fear that a beautiful garden may never, never be.”

The fear in you is destroying the work, 
the master plan may seem to be taking so long.
All that’s required is you be still and calmLet the gardener hold and determine where the water flows.

You fret and twist, you fear and scream, 
apparently determined to do it your way. 
Not knowing the end, you can’t choose the way.
Be still dear hose, let the water flow to plan.

The plants are parched, the garden is bare, 
Lifeless it appears, with no thriving plants.
If you’ll be still the water will flow right
You’ll have the best garden just as the Master planned!


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