The Journey

Will my dreams ever come true? 
Will my hopes ever be realized?
Will I ever achieve my goals?

Seasons Of Life

“When do we get there”, the young passenger moaned. “Almost”, replied the driver, not turning his head. “It’s taking too long, I just can’t wait, you said “almost” four hours ago!”

The journey is long with windy roads. You’re nearer the end than when you began. Every minute brings us closer to final stop. We draw closer there, with each tick of the clock.

“Feels like we’ll never get there”, she groaned again. “Your father said the same, your mother too, travelling with me on this very train and moaned the same way like you do.”

The journey continued through Toddler lane, then Childhood paths and Teenage ways. There were exciting moments and frightening  places, never knowing what phase was next…..

The fretting will not change the time it will take, so best to sit back and enjoy the scenes, doing one’s best in each season. There’ll be dark paths with lessons for life with plenty to rouse joy, if we choose our focus. Enjoy the ride, it’s the best choice!

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