The Law of Love

The ambulance breaking speed limits was frowned at by Mr. Law, who insisted the same rule must apply to all and disregarded the need for speed with life at risk of being lost. Mr. Love insisted he had happily defied speed limits despite not driving an authorised vehicle, when there had been a need to get to someone stranded and the rescue team had been delayed. His justification was Love. He apparently had no selfish motive, and was just focused on acting in the best interest of the helpless and oppressed.  Love compelled him to disregard his needs and prioritize others who were less privileged. Love was his law and he was loved by those around him.

Mr. Law? Focused on doing “good” was what he appeared to be. Looking a layer deeper, the focus emerged to be how he was perceived. Applause and accolades had been gratifying from a young age, the focus on feeling good and the need for continuing applause gradually blinded him to the pain and need of others. He was known to be insensitive, self absorbed and seemingly uncaring. Was he really? He was just in love with the law. 

The law of Love or the love of the law? Both bear fruits in due season. 

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