The Little Things

It was no wonder the frail looking girl could easily lift the weights. It was an urgent situation; the heavy weights in the store house had accidentally rolled down, following one of the props collapsing, and blocking the opening for deliveries. The situation was not helped by delivery of goods due in a few minutes!

The young men were struggling to lift each bag. It was surprising that “tiny Tina”, as she was called, even dared to try. More shocking was the ease and speed with which she cleared the bags, balancing one per arm like they were light! The guys moved back in awe, giving her room to do what they had struggled to do!

It later came to light that Tina’s hidden skill had been acquired over many years. Helping her dad from her early years, with his building work had got her carrying things with wanting to spend time with him. Evenings were spent helping her dad joyfully and over the years she had carried heavier things regularly and with much more easy, devising strategies to manage heavier weights deemed too much for her.

Life throws challenges! The more one practises carrying what comes one’s way, the stronger the mental and emotional muscles get. Complaining and griping, will not stop life’s challenges. Therefore best to get on with it for bigger challenges will come! Help from others may sometimes be needed to ensure healthy limits are not exceeded!

The seemingly little daily tasks trains the mind for bigger challenges.

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