The Marathon

The race has started. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Each yard of the few hundreds, could be likened to a day in this new year.

Early starters could finish late, late starters could win the race. The race for each is however unique, with different goals, resources and different strengths.

Safety is therefore best ensured by keeping a healthy individual pace and strategy. The risk of collapse is noted to be high if a marathon is run like a sprint. To grow yourself, know yourself says John C. Maxwell.

Race the year at your pace

Identifying the starting point in any journey, is required to determine the best route to destination, monitor progress, and know what options to consider if initial plan fails.

Knowing your status at the start, for instance, a weight check before starting a weight loss program and setting a target weight, date and unique why, helps stay on course.

Any navigating device needs to know current location, to correctly guide. Additionally, the why is a much needed and significant fuel for the race, if one must endure.

True, there is a need to stretch if we must grow. It is equally important to stretch within healthy limits, to avoid a breakdown or burnout, from overloading beyond one’s inherent capacity.

Adaptations may be required, including learning more, acquiring and developing new skills to expand the capacity to take on more.

Where are you in the journey to your dreams? What is your destination? Why are you in the race? What route/means would you find enjoyable to keep you motivated for your why?

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