The Monkey Within

The most common words children may often hear are “no” and “don’t”, with parents and carers attempts to prevent them from harm. Their faces may light up as the words suggest there’s something exciting that the boring adults are trying to stop. Full names being called may be endearing and ticklish to the monkey whilst a parent is fumingly trying to get a child’s attention. The desire for the deterred activity may be stirred, and the monkey within, being impulsive and longing for fun, soon leads the young minds in springing back to the very act they’ve been told off for. Parenting involves recognising the monkey needs managing, to help the child stay on a healthy track on life’s paths and it is worth noting that the child is not the monkey!

Adults who have not been helped in their early years to manage the chimps in them, are prone to abusive ways in parenting and in relationships, stemming from not being empowered with emotional management skills in their childhood or in later life. Teaching a child healthy habits in any way, is best done by modelling the desired healthy goals. A lifestyle of “do as I say and do” is more effective than “do as I say, not as I do”. Charming little monkeys into order requires self control and healthily managed emotions of those in charge.

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