The Power of Planning 

It can be frustrating when there is so much to do and little gets done. Unforeseen interruptions given into, with little resistance to feeling overwhelmed! 

The uncomfortable feeling from unaccomplished tasks, compounded with not knowing where to start or what to prioritize, leaves one feeling more distressed! 

Whenever focus gets threatened, think POP!

There is power in a plan! It’s somehow like getting lost, and guessing resulting in getting more confused. It’s best to stop and make a plan, then start afresh with new focus. The break from the confusion helps restrengthen the mind, focus is renewed to move with a plan. Embarking on a task without a plan is like setting out to a place with no idea of a route. The more defined the plan, the clearer the route, and the more effective one is in attaining the goal.
 Failure to plan is said to be planning to fail! 

A plan helps to minimise distractions, enhances focus and keeps on track when adhered to! 

When the thought of the next day or week gets too heavy on the mind, put pen to paper or stylus to screen to power up with a plan! Assign time to task. Often we know what we ought to do but that knowledge is taken for granted. There is no benefit in any strategy or exercise except it is practised!

Stay on TOP with the POP (Power of Planning)! 

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