The Power of Words

pexels-photo-69096.jpegHarsh words on tender hearts go much farther than one may see or think. Anger is stirred with cruel words or unkind words said by loved ones.

A child’s tender heart longing for care, is easily scarred by angry words. Scar after scar, callous is formed and insensitivity then results. The cause is forgotten while the scarring process continues and symptoms later become a concern: fears of threatening behaviour and angry acts, worsening aggression and violence, children going missing also happens as they seek warmth with home being cold.

A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1 Kind words cost nothing! Discipline can be firm and kind when done in love rather than in wrath. Aggression easily stirs up more aggression, like harsh words stirring up anger. Sometimes the recipient is often silent whilst bitterness grows with hope of respite away from the abuser at the earliest chance! Kind words turns anger away and harsh words rouses anger.

Angry children become angry adults. Angry adults are bound to raise angry children – A fruit does not fall far from its tree. Angry people stir anger in others, young and old, stirring up more evil works in our world. Let’s help to break the force of anger that threatens peace by speaking kind words.

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