The Push Of Life

When Life pushes you, it’s not without a reason. It may have first been a nudge, to which you didn’t respond. Then Life gives a gentle push, to rouse you from your snooze. There may be fire on the mountain and you are about to snore. Life may give a fiercer push, if you keep resisting, and sometimes even a kick, to get you engine moving.

There is always a reason for the push of Life. It may be the time of birth and you are not aware, a need to push you away from danger or to change your position for better. So, Life will nudge, push or kick, to interrupt the slumber of monotony and familiarity. For Life must break the charm of inertia, to annul the seeds of dryness and death. Life will propel you to a healthier season, if you yield to its urging.

Resisting the push of Life will leave you stuck and unfulfilled, or keep you in a position where danger looms. Frustrated feelings will persist till you succumb, to Life’s promptings and move towards a healthier Purpose. The tree that does not bend to the force of the wind, is said to be that which gets broken, and if not broken I would say is left stressed and frustrated.

Please heed the nudge and do the needful. It may be an application for a new job or register for a course. It may be time to move homes, hence your landlord’s harassment, or even time to birth that course in you, that the whole world is waiting for. Where to start may be challenging: Write the plan as best you can. Then, do daily no matter how little, whatever draws you nearer the goal Life is pushing you to. Life is Love and it will push to help the object of its love.

Are you resisting the push of Life? In what way, may you be resisting Life’s promptings? What steps do you need to take, to heed Life’s signals?

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