The Real Deal

They sound the same and may look alike but when you taste or given time, you’ll be able to tell that Narc ain’t Mark! Mark’s the nice one, kind and thoughtful. Narc seems like him in many ways but so full of narcissitic traits! In early days it’s been hard to detect the different ways of Mark and Narc.Mark is selfless, empathic too. Narc presents kind solely for his gain, and plays mind games to have his way. At the start these are two nice guys, “kind hearted” it seems till time reveals. So, bleach and sprite may look alike in clear bottles and missing tags. A little taste, if you will dare, you’ll quickly find that bleach ain’t sprite! If it seems too good to be true, it may be true that it’s no good.

A healthy test is a detailed check, asking questions to find out more. The history helps with diligence, giving time too to reveal truth. It’s always best to check if it seems too good to be true, for it may be true that it’s no good so seems too good! It is safer to do without than end up with complications. It takes a willingness to be discerning to identify the real deal and worth the effort and the wait in the long run!

Con men oft don’t stink.

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