The Shining Light

It came to my window every night, this shining little light. It wasn’t like another star and was strange to my sight.

This so distant small bright light, high up in the sky, stood out so dinstinctly, it was a bright white light. Sometimes it showed up with the moon and sometimes all alone, shining through my night.

Initially I did not dare tell ayone, no family or friend, thinking they might suggest I must be seeing things and undue concerns for my mind.

Living in Light…

It seemed to be a special sign, showing up for me, and was so vividly there each time I went to bed. Sometimes it showed up much earlier and lingered in daylight, finally I showed my children and sister this very special light. It felt so precious to my heart it’s light so near to me.

Some more checks with Google’s help, I found it was Venus, showing up in April months: the second brightest object in the night sky, second to the moon. Called the day star, the evening star and also morning star.

I had never noticed it, in decades here on earth or probably disregarded it in the hurriedness of life. The lockdown slowing my living pace had helped me stop and see, this very special star for the first time ever!

Wonders abounding all around, easily may be missed, with getting caught in life’s drama and drained by its demands. I am thankful for the mighty works of God and also thankful too, for the chance to see His awesomeness so dear and near to me.

#Gratitude #Thankfulness #Lockdownjoys

What are you thankful for today?

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