The Spider and The Fly

Said the spider to the fly, “come in to my well spun loom, the table is set and dinner served, just waiting for you, my special guest”.

The fly convinced, proceeded smiling, feeling special to be treated nice. The feel of silk was quite enticing, unlike the feel of dirty gritty surfaces it had touched throughout the day. Like the little fish that longed for the fly and ended up caught by the hook, the fly too was doomed in the spider’s loom.

True it is that not all that glitters is gold, nice words and fancy gifts may sometimes be the fly on the hook. Once the gifts are embraced the end soon draws near with being trapped like the fly in the spider’s web.

A desperate fly strong though it may be, gets more entangled as it tries to escape, with twists and turns as it tries to flee, resulting in more wrappings of well spun silk.

It’s best therefore to look before leaping, for once webbed in, it’s often hard to be free. Those who get freed are often left with scars unseen, that sometimes stay painful for far too long. Please keep in mind – prevention is better than cure!

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