The Thermostat

I had been looking forward to sunshine, the weather forecast had also reassured me. Suddenly it began to pour. It didn’t even start with a drizzle, it seemed to be a flood! My heart dropped as I pictured my plans crashing!

I reminded myself that I couldn’t do anything about the weather outside, as I watched the fierce downpour drowning my dreams. I knew I had the freedom to choose my response, I could give in to gloomy thoughts or make room for brighter ones, noting what I could not change.

I determined to reset my inner thermostat to a setting that would do me good. I cancelled my plans, got comfy in my zone and did some writing that kept me smiling as I poured my heart on paper. I had no way of changing the weather outside, but I had the freedom to accept the things I couldn’t change and change what I could for my good. What thoughts are you dwelling on? Are the thoughts helpful or harmful? What thoughts would be healthier to embrace?

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