The Think of the Shrink

Listening to him speaking, it all sounds freaky. Describing the mind like it was a real man. He personified emotion, it sounded real weird, but it made much sense, to help one move on. 

Past painful experiences from hurtful relationships, were referred to as trauma inflicted by others, but said not to have actually been caused by the people recalled. He explained, it was anger and not the father, that hurled abuse at the little lassie. Anxiety was said to have controlled the woman rather than an unduly irritable mother, making it seem like an illness state. One would doubtless feel sorry for another person with a physical illness. Hmmm…. He went on and described fear as a person, that threatened peace, and encouraged resisting it to stay in charge! 

Perpetrators were not exonerated with this talk and victims were supported in being freed from the bitterness of part experiences, by thinking differently. The focus was empowerment to let go of distressing feelings, and moving on as hatred and like feelings were replaced with sympathy. 

Sympathy for abusers, yet keeping safe, and guards in place to prevent harm or the risk of continuing abuse. The harm of bitterness was deemed more damaging than hurt or regret. Perpetrators were encouraged to get appropriate help, victims empowered to heal by holding healthy thoughts. 

The shrink thinks differently, I am learning like thinking too! Healthier thoughts yields healthier feelings, and ultimately consequent actions are healthier too! It brings to mind the saying: Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world! 

Healthier thoughts, healthier life! 

Wealth is Health!

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