The Treasure Hunt

There’s a thrilling curiousity with hunting for treasure, from Easter eggs, family games or real treasure.  This joy may easily be lost in daily living, when life’s pressures blur the focus of what gives joy! 

           Joie de vivre! ….don’t lose it!!

Defining one’s goals by others perception may result in focusing on other things besides what one truly desires. Settling for less than healthiest individual conviction, is cheating oneself. There is doubtless a price to pay for treasure, time invested, energy expended, opportunity costs with missing out on pleasurable activities sometimes and many other ways…

Stay joyful while paying!

A picture of gold miners brings a smile to my face, feeling their joy from happy tunes as they sweatily dig away! The gold is not found yet, but hope of lives being transformed energizes them to work determinedly so hard, pulmetted by flying stones, fithily covered in sand soaked sweat, with no doubt the goal is worth the price! 

Live joyfully! Don’t live in fear.❤️

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