The Unknown Dungeon

It didn’t make sense why it felt like being in a dungeon. It felt like a deep seated pain, with no visible injury and no apparent reason. There were no chains yet she felt shackled.

Lola was puzzled by her confusing thoughts, especially when she had moved on from an abusive relationship and in many ways, to a better life. The challenge, she wondered if fumes of the past had caused unseen damage. Could any one not tell she was still trapped? Incessant unreasonable demands ftom a finished relationship that had made her feel pressured to react against her best judgements? Confusing thoughts on how best to keep herself and her children safe? Safety, not just from physical harm but emotional abuse.

Free indeed!

Domestic abuse is not just “fighting”. Deprivation of freedom in any way, a possessive spouse, controlling parent, unhealthy primitive cultural values, a domineering/controlling person, are some of the factors that result in an entrapping relationship where freedom is denied in various ways.

Free on the outside and trapped on the inside is not freedom! That is living in a dungeon whilst there’s light, love and life all around. There is light and life around, true love abounds in the hearts of friends and family who truly care. There’s professional help as well. Please don’t stay in the dungeon and waste your life! Everyone has a right to life, love and liberty.

Reach out to love, light and life!

Reach out for help!!

Be free indeed!!!

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