Three Cs of Progress

It was inspiring dwelling on those two words. Folakemi said it casually but the words carried so much power, “consistency compounds“. The impact on me has since been energizing for plans where motivation seemed to be waning.

Little drops of water are said to make a mighty ocean. Every additional step a toddler makes, further strengthens the muscles designed for walking, the consistency compounding till walks become leaps and running. Every effort towards a desired goal matters.

Consistency, Collaboration and Combat

Abi later added about the benefits of collaboration. I couldn’t help but think of many projects that I easily would have aborted, without the encouragement and active support of family, friends and various members of my support network. She summed it well, “collaboration consolidates“.

Collaboration is described as unification of labour, highlighted by the African proverb, “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”. We all couldn’t but agree that going fast alone was easier to getting burnt out, in contrast to going with support from others being relatively slower but healthier. Iron sharpening iron enhances effectiveness, helps in going much farther than each person alone on life’s journey.

Listening later to David Jeremiah, his admonition to be aware of the need to combat comfort, was a healthy reminder of the need to resist unseen enemies of wellbeing and progress.

Progress towards a worthy goal is enhanced by combatting comfort, compounding consistency and collaboration’s consolidation of invested efforts and resources. Keep moving forward with the three Cs in mind: Consistency, Collaboration and Combat.

What comfort zone is holding you back from fulfilling your unique potential? What daily steps do you need to take towards fulfilling your dreams? Who do you need to collaborate with to develop your unique life purpose?

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