Tick, Says the Clock 

Life is for a reason, and when the purpose of one’s existence is being realised, living becomes more meaningful and less of a mere existence. I love the saying: You were not born to pay bills and die!

Finding one’s purpose for living is a process, as it is in the search for anything – start where you are, with what you know as best you can. Living is a journey to a desired destination, there may be bumps on the way, accidents may happen, but focus gets one there. The destination may be uncertain, please enjoy the ride! Allowing the stress of regret or in any other form, does not make the journey easier or better, stress is a time stealer!

Use it or lose it, life rolls on!

How does one determine the right destination? Follow your passion whilst doing the needful. Do not pursue your passion to your detriment, else at the end of the journey you may be too exhausted to enjoy all you’ve worked for. Tick, says the clock …. Every tick of the clock draws one nearer to the end of time. The inevitable exit from earth is the reality for everyone.

Tick, says the clock, tick, tick… what you have to do, do quick! Quick healthy pace includes time to rest too!

Wealth is Health!!

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