Treasure or Trash

It is fascinating how what is considered trash to one person is priceless treasure to another. Antique shops are often full of things that many may look at disdainfully and yet many others will treasure, willingly to pay large sums of money for. Scrap papers deemed a nuisance to a big business and trashed is precious material for others who put to creative use. 

Relationships are not very different. A person rejected by someone is treasured by another. Why? 

We all see different things from values determined by our life experiences, and other factors too. Short term gain may influence choices that result in long term pain. Choices therefore need to be determined by values that are beneficial in the long term. 

Think Twice! 

Even a small amount of money carelessly spent daily, accumulated in the long term is of far greater value. Think twice before making a decision to discard things. Worth noting though, some things if not discarded will block room for treasure! 

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