The bright sunlight rays danced on her head, slowly forming a beam that lit up her face into a welcoming smile, “my name is Trust“. I smiled back politely unable to reply spontaneously. I struggled not to chuckle, tickled by the thought of the strange name! Strange to me, but mine apparently not to her. She had met people from everywhere.

My precious friends, unknown to me, had arranged help for my trip. “Why would anyone name their child Trust?” I kept thinking to myself. Trust was focused on her given task, and not as easily distracted as moi! She stretched out her hand across the ditch, offering to help me over, “We have a long journey ahead”. I thanked her, securing my grip in her hand, leaping across to her hug on the other side.

We drove through, wide smooth roads lined with dated palm trees, the fronds shimmering with a homely green. Wide open, tall, sturdy metal gates led us to scores of cheerful looking uniformed guards. I wondered what the gates were made of. I was awestruck by this picture of opulence and authority, mixed with joy and air of peace!

There were many, more ditches ahead, the journey planner had said. Having Trust seemed like a great help, as I was getting tired! She introduced me a few minutes later to her brother, Truth, who owned the ‘chalet’ we were to stay in for the next few days. I thought again, his name is strange!

Meeting Trust and Truth was rousing more excitement! As the last blobs of energy drained from my mind all I could think was Trust? Truth? Trust Truth… till consciousness lost its grip…

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