Turn On The Light

The darkness was frightening, not knowing what danger was looming. The thought of making any move stirred fears of risks of an imminent accident. Resisting the grip of fear from ruminating on the darkness, was a futile exercise. The situation seemed darker, not knowing where to go or how to get out. Darkness like ignorance was certainly not bliss, as some may claim.


Doing nothing was not a solution, not with the disturbing uncertainty of this dark situation. Help was needed, if only for initial clarity, after which further steps could be determined for moving forward. Whatever energy there was, needed to be invested in getting light. Turning on the light was the easiest way to be rid of darkness, rather than resisting the darkness and wasting strength.

Fighting darkness would easily exhaust energy reserves. Clarity from knowledge pushes confusion and chaos away. The emotional turmoil we may sometimes encounter would better be addressed by turning on the light of knowledge, understanding how to get a solution, than focusing on imagining complications and getting distressed. Turning on the light pushes out the darkness, it’s a healthier response to resisting the threats of uncertainty and fear of calamity. Simply turning on the light dispels darkness.

What dark situation are you facing now? What area of life do you need light in? What do you need to do to turn on the light?

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