Battery Charger

What’s draining your battery? You are not just physically tired but feeling drained somewhat? What is draining your mind energy? Fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, not sleeping well are some signs the mind is under strain. Excessive anxiety about tomorrow that may never come or berating ruminations of yesterdays that are gone not to return, are things

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Fuel For Feelings

The mind is reported to think between 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day, suggesting at least 2000 thoughts per hour. Most of these thoughts are noted to be purposeless, like comments the mind makes about self or others, questions like wondering what would happen if the cat drove the car. Every thought uses energy. Processing

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Stretch Marks

The pain was enough reason to give up on plans for long awaited dreams. It was much easier to give up than to persist, persevere or pursue the desires that had been so appealing. The discomfort felt intense with every effort to carry on required activities. The pain was reported to be evidence of stretching.

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The Gift

It was given at no cost, with no strings attached. It is fully free, to be used as will, and hopefully for good. Each recipient has the choice to use the gift or leave it to decay. The gift like every thing on earth is subject to run out. So, daily and indeed with every

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