Freedom From Fear

The thought of all that needed to be done was terrifying. The time to accomplish so much seemed so short. The paralyzing fear of failing made it impossible to do anything. It was much a lot easier to sit and stare, let time roll by. Her gaze caught her dad's award ceremony picture on the … Continue reading Freedom From Fear

Focus Fuels Feelings

A glass of water somehow did the magic. I struggled for years to understand the mystery. It could be a fall from a painful fall, intense distress from fall out with siblings or anger from being misunderstood. The sobbing as one tried to express the feelings of perceived injustice, would be interrupted: an adult's gentle … Continue reading Focus Fuels Feelings

Life, Living and Legacy

Fear began to seep in, gradually overwhelming any attempt of rational thinking. The fear of life ebbing fast intensified, as the breathlessness worsened. There had never been a concern for the need to breathe, deemed “natural”, till now. The thought boomed in her mind, “Life is a gift” and it was about to expire! Photo … Continue reading Life, Living and Legacy

Is Consistency The Key?

Goals are often expressed at the start of the year, with a determination to fulfill them this time around. Soon days begin to fly past, with thoughts of going back to the drawing board. Consistency is said to be "the key" for attainment, keeping at it till destination is reached. Change Your World Parts were … Continue reading Is Consistency The Key?

Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

In healthy doses, it helps to stretch limitations, for increased capacity and attaining desired 'higher' goals. The dose for everyone is different even if of same age, weight or race. It is important therefore to know one's unique capacity and limitations. The law of the rubber band explains it well: stretching holding more together increasingly … Continue reading Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

Freedom To Think

Finer and more valuable goods, result from processing of raw materials. The challenge and more demanding exercise, is the processing bit. It may be a lot easier, to conform to the norm, stay in one's comfort zone and not be seen as disruptive to societal expectations, but lose out on the fulfilment of stretching one's … Continue reading Freedom To Think

3 Steps to Freedom From Toxic Relationships

Unhealthy relationships could be at 'home', work or other settings, limiting the fulfilment of one's potential. Like First Aid, thinking ABC with a D  helps to save lives. Accept there is a problem. This is the first step to a solution. Denial of a toxic or unhealthy condition or environment, increases the risk of complications. … Continue reading 3 Steps to Freedom From Toxic Relationships

The Biggest Trade

Minutes drip on into hours. Decisions are made on best trades to make. Regrets distress minds, on past opportunities missed. Many lament about missing the bitcoin boat, a decade ago and how a small investment then, could have transformed their lives. Today Matters Regret like expired food, often does the heart no good! What we … Continue reading The Biggest Trade

Life Dream

Dreams of better things, a better house or more income, dearer friends and happier days, all require planting of seeds. The seed we sow and how it's sown, determines the depth of the roots, the quality and quantity of the harvest. No seed, no rootNo root, no fruit The parable of the sower, explains it … Continue reading Life Dream


Situations we often find ourselves, may likely be significantly different, had we made different choices. Hindsight is said to be "a wonderful thing". We may not be able to do anything about the expired past but, we can make better choices for the future. A significant daily choice is choosing one's focus noting there will … Continue reading Choices