At a time when getting married seemed the next “milestone”, dear relatives asking to give enough notice of an event undeclared, I thought it best to check with dad what mattered most to his heart. Would he rather I be unhappily married or happily single?

His choice might seem an obvious one but I knew he would be truthful and not just say what he felt I ought to hear or that which was seemingly right. It was also a family culture that got anxious with female “children” living at home in their late twenties onwards, yet moving out and living alone as an unmarried woman was looked down on by the wider society, attributed to all kinds of condescending ideas.

It thrilled my heart my dad thought differently. Much as he would welcome the news of my being married, grandchildren and all the joys that were bound to come with it, my happiness was of greater worth whatever anyone else may think of societal status. My sense of having value for being me was reinforced, regardless of any shortcoming or seeming inadequacy.

I was and I am glad to be me. My journey in life “successes” and “failures” adding to my story, while I continue happily on “my” journey – glad to be me, just as I am, at the point I am, yet evolving…..with every confidence that with faith and perseverance in my maker and my God, and doing my best at every point in all I do, I will emerge at the end of my journey having fulfilled my purpose for my time on earth. Therein lies my value: being me without the need to be defined by others perceived values whatever they may be!

Do my best

As best I can

At every point

In everything

With what’s at hand

Guarding my heart

And if my best

Is not as best

I’ll keep at it

As best I can

To better be

And stronger grow!

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