We Are Firing!

Companies shutting down or people being fired, may rouse anxiety of families subjected to economic distress.

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What Did You Hear?

Being fired may without doubt be devastating. It has also been the door through which some have walked into fulfilling their deepest dreams. Had they not been fired they might be rusting away in an unhealthy and unduly subservient role.



It’s sad to hear of people losing their jobs, when for instance a business fails, or changes in structure necessitate some roles no longer being required. The wiring in the brain may trigger for many, feelings of sadness, emotional distress, frustration and various negative emotions.

Fired — Wired — Hired

What you hear depends on how you are wired. Some people may hear a different tune, and consider the possibility of hiring opportunities being in that “fire”.

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It may also be a wake up call that skills need to be sharpened or new skills acquired. New skills may be required in an organization undergoing restructuring. The sharpened skills may open doors where a fired employee gets headhunted by employers offering multiples of previous salary, with great bonuses. So, in the fire there may be many wires to be hired — in a different and better way.

A store closing down may need people to help clear out the goods. Goods may be crazily reduced and the induced heavy discounts yield healthy profit margins for anyone who buys — another wire for profit making.

Shut Down or Show Up

Alarm or Alert

Graven in my mind is an experience of my worst flight landing ever! The atmosphere on the aircraft was frozen with dread, our lives without any doubt was at stake or so it felt. Everyone apparently had the same thought as the air craft jerking violently, whizzed on the tarmac at a speed that felt would end in a full stop to all on board.

Thankfully it wasn’t, that’s why I can write the story. With the slamming stop my children aged 2 and 4years, yelled joyfully “that was fun!” I can’t forget the look on the faces of the other passengers. The fearful landing that had infused adults to the core with dying thoughts, had been for my young hearts a thrilling ride.

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Information which to one person is an alarm to an emergency, may be perceived by another person as an alert to exciting opportunities — wiring matters. For each person next steps are uncertain, but the emotions fuel what follows for better or for worse. Perception determines the ensuing actions.

Mindset matters — rewire to refire

Our default wiring may be “oh, no!” and what seems like bad news may actually be the start of greater good. Yes, it was great having a job that paid the bills, but there may be more fulfilment once you are out of that role. The firing may propel you to true fulfilment that you had not imagined. When next you hear the word “fired” , please rewire by thinking of reasons people may be hired.

Serenity Prayer

There are definitely times when the timing of “bad” events may result in having too much to bear — like the straw which breaks the camel’s back. The thinking space may get jammed with other issues, and mental load weakened the mind faculty already.

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Stress helps to stretch, but excessive may cause a snap. Everyone’s capacity is unique. While we aspire to develop resilience, it should be done at a healthy pace. There may therefore be a need to say no to great opportunities even when one has been fired. It may be more appropriate to re-charge to re-fire than get hired. It’s important to put health first, noting there is no health without mental health.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference. (Fred R. Shapiro)

There may be a good opportunity in the midst of chaos, but it may not be your time. Taking on an opportunity at an inappropriate time may result in complications. A condition for instance, may require surgery, but the timing has to be right!

Losing a job may often appear as unhappy news. This has however for some been the eye opener that kickstarted businesses that are thriving, making significant positive contribution to communities and transforming lives for good. Whatever you hear, please process it in the best interest of your health. It may mean rewire — get more skills or recharge then re-fire, or look again and you will see there are other ways for you to be hired.

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Be kind to your mind


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