Saying “no”

Matching the weights with each client’s capacity helped to prevent avoidable injury or undue strain, that could deter the client from continuing to engage. The trainer ensured this was done regularly.

Taking on extra tasks or additional roles, may put excessive strain on mental and emotional muscles, resulting in failure to attain desired goals or fulfil a dream. Saying “no” to excessive strain is therefore a must to keep healthy.

There are some things that must only be done by the person involved, this includes saying “no”, hard though it may feel: declining extra work from a respected employer, turning down social engagements to get some rest. Saying “no” may be needed to promote health and fulfil one’s life purpose.


Timing and tactfulness need be taken into consideration, so the baby is not thrown out with the bath water. Saying “no” does not require rudeness, firmness and politeness are good packaging.

Taking on too much is akin to biting more than one can chew, with a risk of choking or other forms of avoidable distress. The benefit of the meal is lost, if one chokes or becomes unwell. Guesss who bears the complications of ill health?

What do you need to say “no” to?

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