What Have You Traded Your Life For Today?

The transfer of services or goods, for gain in various ways, usually money, is recognized as trading. None of the activities involved in trading may be done without life, hence we exchange life in these transactions. 

Photo by Letizia Bordoni on Unsplash

CHOICES, actions and outcomes are components of trading fuelled by LIFE. A helpful question at the end of each day is “what have I traded my life for today?” It helps to make a plan for the better use of our limited earthly resource — life.

With choices you are preparing or repairing

Another day is almost over and many decisions have been made. From waking moments, deciding whether or not to get out of bed. My decision to stay longer in bed, albeit “a little”, resulted in a rushed morning, and having to defer some things that could have been sorted if I had not indulged in an extra hour in bed. My excuse was my body needing rest. The truth was I was being lazy, I had had my needed rest!

TRADING our lives for perceived gain is what we do in choosing. We are constantly making choices, and by default The gain however may be short term gain and pain in the longer term, or short term pain for long term gain. Whatever we trade life for has consequences, and a need for weighing our choices through the day helps reduce the risk of future pain.

For everyone, every second is count down to exit date from planet earth. Time on earth is not infinite. Use of life, trading it, should therefore be put to best use. The best use of life varies widely, noting the vast differences in individual gifts and talents.

CHOICES reflect our values. Our values are like seeds, with outcomes of harvest over a time. Whatever we prioritize determines the choices we make, and consequently the nature, quality and quantity of our ‘harvest’. Seeds are sown in different areas as we make choices. Relationships, finances, health (physical, emotional and mental), socially are some of the areas we daily trade life, as we make choices. Healthy choices increase the chances of a healthier harvest, noting there are always factors outside our control.

TIME does not stop. Life allowance for planet earth runs lower with each clock tick. Another day is over, night time draws nearer, literally and metaphorically. Life could be better utilized by our decisions today. We may not be able to reverse the decisions of yesterday, like having indulged in unhealthy eating or unwise use of time in worthless debates — it’s already happened. We can move on for better and put healthier measures in place.

FOCUS on the reverse mirror will not help to move forward. So, focusing on past errors will not help to gain momentum. It’s ok to glance and plan, to help advance. Harness lessons from the past to help make better decisions. The monkey brain will always seek to distract with every choice there is to make, opting for playfulness and fun than focusing on the goal. Enjoying what needs be done helps to stay engaged, so maintain the focus with plans in place to enjoy the ride. 

HEALTHIER destinations should be the focus, harnessing lessons from areas we recall could have been better. What choices do you therefore need to make for better use of life tomorrow? I have set my alarm to wake up earlier every morning, and no longer rely on my dreamy head to get up from bed. 

The extra snoozing in the morning is not helping my daily goals, which then impacts other areas of my life. I am reminded of the saying, first we form our habits then our habits form us.

What changes do you have to put in place for better use of your life daily?


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