What Is Love?

Some say a feeling, others say it’s a verb. Love has also been described as both a noun and a verb. I considered it a decision, but that’s just one of its actions. Love is a lot more than is imagined or perceived.


Personified, it is better understood, like wisdom, fear, anger and various entities that the manifestation is often mixed up with the true identity.

Love is a Spirit. Forceful, gentle, transforming and ruling over all other spirits. It presents in many ways in different situation, like the same person with different roles based on the setting. A mother can be an employee, a daughter, a wife, a manager, an employer, her presentation changing from kitchen to office, yet still the same. Forceful in the face of injustice, gentle to a hurting child, loyal to a friend, faithful wife angered by infertility yet forgiving. Same woman, varying emotional manifestation.


Is Love an emotion?                                              I dare to confidently say “No”, for that would then expect Love’s presentation to be restricted! Love is a Spirit, Love is a person. The unseen Person of whom we all have a part. Just as we are Spirit beings living in a body with mental faculties that help us think and feel. Our real identity being Spiritual, we all have a part of love in us! A part suppressive but not quenchable, hence the hint of softness in a man deemed most cruel, for many waters cannot quench love!

You’ve got legs,                                                you choose to walk with them!               You’ve got Love,                                               you choose to walk in Love or not!            Stay fuelled by the Spirit of Love in you!❤️




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