What To Do When You Are Stuck

At different points in life, we may feel stuck on the journey to a desired destination. It could be moving forward in a work or relationship, or feeling stuck with career progression.

Inertia is said to be the tendency of an object to remain in a state of rest or continued motion, unless an external force acts on it – Newton’s first law of motion.

Why do we like to stay in a state of rest. Why is there a reluctance to sometimes get up from bed in the mornings? It may also be a reluctance to quit a job, or end a relationship, despite knowing it is abusive.

COMFORT ZONES may feel like a nest, with a feeling of “better to stay with the devil that you know”. A world of healthier and more fulfilling experiences may however be missed out on, with putting up with thorns and thistles in a nest.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you desire ~ Joseph Campbell

SECURITY OF THE FAMILIAR has no related threat. The worst in the familiar zone is likely well known, like the violence of an alcoholic spouse, to which family members have adapted. A fatal incident, may unfortunately be the external force that makes the familiar mo longer sustainable.

FEAR OF THE UNFAMILIAR, not infrequently holds back from stepping forward. Yet, the unfamiliar may be holding the keys for the realization of the best dreams. The first step is however not taken because the comfort zone poses no threat.

When you feel stuck, remember Newton’s first law of motion. What is a good reason to get up in the morning? An external force is needed.

It could be the need not to lose that source of income, with turning up late for work, not missing the flight for a longed for holiday, not missing an important appointmment that could be positively life changing.

ALL YOU NEED IS THE FIRST STEP. Take the first step. Then take the first step again at every point. There may be a need to frequently stop and breathe, and firmly define what the next best step is. This may be asking for help, or getting in the shower to kick start the morning.

Keep your WHY in your mind.

Keeping your WHY in your mind, helps to ensure an external force is in place, to overcome inertia – get unstuck, and continue in the path of progress ❤

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