The why helps to stay on track for any goal. Distractions come, welcome or not, in various forms seen and unseen. The healthiest goals will be challenged too by distractions. The stronger the why for any goal, the easier it is to stay on track!


Each person’s why, for the same goal, may differ greatly and vary widely. One person may choose to lose weight, strongly compelled for healthier living, another may share the same goal to keep up with the Jones’. The strength of each why may be respectively strongly compelling and lose their strength if swapped.

Catch the fire!

Whys are therefore unique to each person, and each person needs to define the most individually compelling why to attain a specific goal.

What is my why for attaining a healthy weight? A deep soul search needs to be done for the most compelling why to stay on track against all odds- that way whatever the distraction I’ll be inspired to stay on track to attain my goal.

The best why needs be defined for each goal to fuel the fire that lights the path to the desire.

What is your why for a specified goal?

Is it compelling enough to stay on track?

Define the strongest why for each goal else you’ll go off track at some point!

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