Wi-Fi Syndrome

The young girl couldn’t wait till she started school. She had been told it wouldn’t happen till she turned 4years of age. She sat up with a bolt on that long awaited morning, her voice filled with excitement, “mummy, can I start school today? I am 4years old!”

The next few years were exciting, birthday parties with new found friends, relationships breaking and mending and girly chit chats about fall outs and boisterous boys. The excitement gradually began to wane! Phonics lessons got boring. The little fingers became itchy for pens. Pen licenses desired to give the feel of being grown up. The glory of primary school quickly faded for a desire to move to high school, where of course life would be more exciting….?

She had no doubt, high school would be the best phase of life!Alas, it wasn’t quite as hoped, so expectations of happiness were transferred to sixth form dreams. Unfortunately it didn’t happen there again, so next port of call was uni. life. University life was fun but ‘it’ was still missing. Oh! Finding the right relationship had to be the missing bit…it still didn’t happen. Marriage, examinations for qualifications, jobs and promotions, awards and recognitions, expeditions and celebrations…..’it’ did not emerge!

Decades had now gone and lifetime fast running out, yet ‘it’ had not been found and ‘it’ had to be somewhere……where???

The young girl now in an aged body, opportunities for exciting activities apparently much less than decades gone. If ‘it’ had been in all the past moments that made up the past years, life may have been fulfilling…… how could she have missed ‘it’? Or had she not? There had been times she had felt close to having ‘it’, but somehow it slipped away before she had ‘it’ fully.

Whatever it be, for each person, the only assurance is now! ‘It’ is always in every now. Many nows make the memories that brightens lives in years to come.

Please don’t get trapped in WIFI! “When I Find It………”

Life is a journey, each moment lost never to be regained, so best to make the most of each season whilst moving on in hope of better things. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Enjoy it as it is now!


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