Writing 2021

After a few minutes on the road, on a bright summer afternoon, it was difficult for the driver to decide which way to turn. The passengers, all singing happily and loud, agreed any route would be fine, as it was just a drive for the fun of it.

Where a goal or destination is not defined, it is easy to end up going round in circles and wasting of resources is inevitable. Awareness and respect of the purpose of anything, helps to optimize its use and prevent abuse. Life is a gift and may be used purposefully or not.

Writing helps the process of defining goals, including the desired destination of 2021. Yes, a lot may be uncertain, but an alternative route is easier to determine when the destination is defined. It may take longer or be more challenging and sometimes it works out even better, with unanticipated blessings.

Where would you like to ‘go’ in 2021? Are your goals/destination for 2021 clearly written? How would you feel if your best dreams in 2021 are realized?

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